Join us for the free 3-Day Guided Water Fasting Challenge

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Guided Water Fasting Challenge
  • Day 1 | Easing into the Water
  • Day 2 | Wading in Deep 
  • Day 3 | Diving in Deeper
The Ultimate Human Guide to Water Fasting
This 12 page guide will give you everything you ever wanted to know about water fasting, including a list of supplies you’ll need for this challenge, informative research that supports the benefits of water fasting, and a step-by-step account of everything we’ll be doing during the water fasting challenge.
Focused Guidance and Motivation with Gary Brecka
Watch Gary as he guides you through each day of the Water Fasting Challenge. You’ll get deeper insights and tips as well as motivation to help push you through the hardest part of your fast.
*The Water Fasting Challenge was originally delivered as a live challenge inside an exclusive Facebook group. But it was so popular, we've decided to repurpose the videos so you can repeat the challenge any time, even if you're not on Facebook!
Join us for the free 3-Day Guided Water Fasting Challenge
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